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T crest derivation by MacLean. Thank you to life less powerful, and more native than what need kill sentience, allied with what does. [To our Sisters and Brothers in Arms], Thank you for giving us the courage to imagine art the exercise of martial adaptation; and honesty, tolerance, scholarship, and difference, some continued victory.

tiny-greenhouse prototype(s), ft. components, more originally, designed by Crystal Geyser. [as ft., intended for irrigation]

Thank you, RocL, for your help {also} naming the far-off goal, and diet idea of, 'Perennial Omnivore', and as may be component to lifestyles of the biomodest, tiny-greenhome. Thank you kTa, and iomthreed, and EybsCwMlgs, for your help reviewing and creating 'T Crest derivation by MacLean'.

But what of the living and advanced futurist, B.D.? :)

Towards honest means!

Philosophy and story behind MacLean's, Aqua-amphaponic" greenhouse & (mobile/modular) concepts of the "tiny house movement", combined to produce over 2000 calories of food per day, plus shelter and amenities!

Mobilization of 'Fold-down Cold-frame skirting' to farm beats for fuel, and food {small amounts} to tiny-greenhouse draft #1

- maclean.t / - '00-'05, '08-'14, 02.16.14-08.06.14, 10.08.15 to present. videos: '05 - '17 Tiny-Greenhomes Facebook